Costa Rica Trip

During the early part of March 2002, Patricia and "The Team" headed down for Costa Rica on the second leg of their missionary trip. It is during the second trip down that the patients reap the benefits of the efforts and hard work of this team, as can be evidenced by the pictures below


First Steps

First Steps2

First steps with "The Team"

See the miraculous first steps being taken by this courageous young lady after "the Team" made walking possible for her.

Dreams Come In all Ages

Dreams come true at all ages and Sizes.
Even at 100+ years!

Fairy Tales and dreams come in all ages and sizes. Even at the advanced age of 100+, the patients dream, wish and miracles happen

All Types of Help

Help comes in shapes and sizes.

There's all types of help needed!

Personal help comes in all shapes and sizes. There's all types of help needed as you can see.


Pepsodent Smile!

This man with the pepsodent smile is the owner of Wilmington Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. A very generous soul. He not only supplies most of the prosthesis but also pays the way for his technician to join us.


Cosmetic Work!

The "building" is actually the only home for the elderly in Golfito. They have 26 patients.
We painted, redid 6 of their bathrooms: toilets, sinks, plumbing and hot showers, and bought them all new pillows.


Steps 2

More Steps!

With a little help from our friends we can finally take steps.


Ensuring Perfection!

Some minor adjustments are needed before the big steps are taken.