Patricia Gregory Missionary Worker

Several times each year, Patricia and a group of trained professionals travel, at their own expense, to South and Central America bringing much needed medical and dental aid to those in need. The team is made up of Doctors, Dentists, Missionaries and Volunteers who donate not just their time but their money and supplies as well.

Two trips are required to each country. The first of the trips is to identify those in need and who could benefit from our medical and other assistance. During this initial trip, we measure for prosthetics, identify additional needs and make detailed and thorough records.

We then return to the States and begin the work on getting the personalized prosthetics built, gathering the medical and dental items we will need to take back in preparation for trip number two.

The second trip is when we take the supplies back and individually fit the prosthetics, teach the recipients how to use them, set up the dental clinics and medical facilities and more.

Merely clicking on the links on the right will take you on a most special tour and pictorial visit which will make you feel as though you were there personally taking part in helping..... Care to help financially, through your expertise, with your donations of supplies or in any other way? Drop me an e-mail or contact by phone or mail.

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All proceeds from her husband Jim Gregory's storytelling goes to support her work.

Patricia and her team made a 2nd trip to Costa Rica March of 2002. They were there previously measuring for the limbs and a fact finding mission as to the needs they would have to meet when they returned. They took a container load of medical supplies including a complete dental office and over $100,000 worth of artificial arms and legs mostly for children and young adults. They were there for a week fitting the artificial limbs and teaching the people to use them as well as doing medical work in the villages. Click here to find out more about their trip to Costa Rica.

Patricia and her team also made a mission trip to El Salvador where they are trying to encourage the starting of "Cottage Industries". Click here to find out more about their trip to El Salvador.



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